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What is an ear cuff?

What is an ear cuff?

Fashion recovers old styles and forms of design. Thus, if we want to know what ear cuff is, we must go back to the 90s with the fashion of the earrings that were placed in the cartilage of the ear. However, fashion is not something that simply recovers old traditions or objects and simply introduces them to the market. This 21st century recovery of an element from the 1990s is associated with some modifications to adapt it to the current world.

Ear cuff: jewelry recovery

If jewelry has been left behind for a few years and had fallen into decline, ear cuff earrings aim to regain the splendor they once had. After the steps of the XXL necklaces in fluorescent tones, the rhinestones or the different rings for each of the fingers, both standing and hand, it is time to recover accessories for the ears and the ear cuff earrings will take care of it.

The ear cuff earrings are designed so that our entire ear is an element that helps us in our makeup and aesthetics. The main function of this type of earrings is to unite the earlobe with the cartilage. To do this, you can use a small chain or cover the entire profile of the ear with stones or strass. The choice is up to each one and how they feel most comfortable.

Ear cuff perfect complement

Ear cuff earrings are an element that already accompanies all the stars on the national and international scene. Actresses, models, athletes and even renowned writers have been seduced by this trend and have different models to combine with each of their clothing.

Although the appearance of this accessory dates back to ancient Egypt, it was not until designer Annelise Michelson made an adaptation when it began to be considered as an element that could serve to improve the external appearance of those who wear it. This, together with the commitment of well-known artists such as Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson or Cara Delevingne put ear cuffs at the center of the fashion world hurricane.

Seductive, daring, original and modern, ear cuffs have conquered all the well-known jewelery brands and we can find them in most of the stores that offer us both jewelry, clothing and accessories. However, to properly wear an ear cuff it is necessary to know some details. For example, to avoid overloading our aesthetics and that it seems too much, ear cuffs are only placed on one ear leaving the other totally free of any slope. In addition, this type of earrings, having quite ornate elements, are usually used at night, although we find some simpler model to wear during the day.

The perfect combination with this type of jewelry is a modern, modern and casual look, rocker type. Although we can get them with any other style, the one mentioned above is the one that best suits its characteristics. On the other hand, there are some ear cuffs with glitters and stones that are quite striking and should be combined with more simple and discreet clothing.

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