Thursday, April 12, 2018

x tech news

It is very important to keep yourself updated as far as the technology is concerned. You should try to get your hands of the latest technology and gadgets as soon as they hit the market.

With so much of information available online, you might sometimes experience information overload. However, if you want some tech news then you must visit tech blogs regularly. They are the absolute choice when it comes to technological news. These blogs are credible sources of information and you can trust the information that is published on them. There are many good tech blogs that are offering quality and informative content to the readers. The bloggers who write the blogs are experienced writers.

Majority of the people surf the net as it a fastest, economical as well as a convenient option to seek information. Since technology is ever evolving, tech blogs and tech news have become a fad. Technology was one such sector that continued to thrive even during the recession days. Therefore, the demand for these blogs is continues to grow. Since everyday new innovations are evolving and new products are coming in the market, these blogs help to cater to the needs of tech fans. It is estimated that hundreds of tech blogs are added online daily.

You will find a wide range of information on them. Some of the most common sections that you will find them are breaking news, latest tech trends, products and technology reviews etc. Even the tech products manufacturing companies rely a lot on these blogs to promote their products and brand. The ads are placed on various strategic locations on the web pages of these blogs and they offer good publicity. Some blogs also take advantage by integrating their blogs with the various popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

So, if you are looking for some hot new tech updates then these blogs are one stop destination for you. From latest devices to latest virus updates to latest mobile phones, you will find everything on them. You can also check and compare the prices of various electronic devices on some of them.

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

lathe machine

Now, there are multiple types of CNC machining process. All of them have different functionalities and operations; CNC turning uses a helix path to cut through the material, while CNC milling uses rotary cutters to remove excess material. All of them require specific machining tools that enable the workpiece to work do the desired work. CNC lathe is one such important tool. In fact, the lathe is seen as the pioneer for being the machine for metal cutting.

Sounds interesting, right? Let's delve deep into the functioning, properties, and types of CNC lathe machine.


A lathe machine is typically used for shaping the material into the desired form by removing the excess material from a given workpiece (generally cylindrical). Apart from serving as cutting and facing machine, a lathe is also used to perform complex operations such as knurling, deformation, metal spinning, woodturning, thermal spraying, metalworking and more.

According to machine historians, the manual lathe was first used by the reformers in the Ancient Egypt and Greece. The European nation widely utilized two-person lathe variety, with the former turning the workpiece (wood) and the latter cutting off the excess material with a single point cutting tool. With the Industrial Revolution came the modern lathe; advanced, fast, and better!

Main Parts of a CNC Lathe Machine

Before moving on to the functioning of a lathe machine, let's quickly go through the primary components of a lathe machine:

1. Bed: As the name suggests, the bed of a lathe serves as the base of the whole machine where the different components are mounted. Generally heavily rigid in structure, the lathe beds are made from a 9:1 combination melting of toughened cast iron (semi-steel) and steel scrap. This method helps lathe bed to perform a sliding action easily.

While single-bed lathe machines are quite popular, we also get two-three pieced beds, pieces bolted together to meet the desired length. The beds have a high damping capacity to absorb the vibrations produced by the working machine.

2. Carriage: Used for mounting and moving the cutting tools, a carriage moves the tool horizontally and vertically on the bed for a smooth cutting process.

3. Chuck: A chuck is responsible for holding the workpiece. This component is attached to the spindle that rotates both the chuck and workpiece.

4. CNC Control Panel: The storage center of the machine, CNC control panel stores all the CNC programs and instructions. The CNC expert operates the machine by controlling the keys on the panel, instructing the machine to produce the desired results.

5. Headstock: This part functions as a holding device for the other components of the lathe like gear chain, spindle, driving pulley and more.

6. Main Spindle: The main feeding center of the machine. A stock is fed via the headstock.

7. Main Drive Motor: The drive motor helps rotate the chuck, thus driving the entire machine.

8. Tailstock: A tailstock is usually used to conduct drilling operations and support the system.

9. Tool Turret: A tool turret is used a tool carrier for the machine. The shape and the size of the turret are determined by the number of tools that'll be mounted on them.

CNC Lathe Machine: How Does It Work?

As discussed in the last part, a typical lathe comprises of a bed, headstock, tailstock, chuck, tool turret, carriage and a spindle for feeding purposes. The following steps define how this particular machine works:

1. First Step: After checking the machine for the working faults, a cylindrical workpiece is attached to the chuck. Its position can differ as per requirement.

2. Second Step: We now set the spindle on the desired speed, thus rotating the chuck and the workpiece. Major attention needs to be paid on the spindle speed as any discrepancy can cause cutting errors. Check if the workpiece is turning properly.

3. Third Step: Now locate the cutting tool at the desired feed by moving the tool turret and carriage. Pay special attention to feeding speed.

4. Fourth Step: Remove all the excess metal by moving the carriage to get the finished product.

Types of Lathe Machines:

Just like every other machine, a lathe machine also has different varieties that are used to fulfill different work requirements. Let's have a look at the major types of the CNC lathe machine:

Engine Lathes

Pretty popular amongst manufacturers, an engine lathe perfectly suitable for low-power operations. But that doesn't mean that it cannot be used for high-power operations. This device is very reliable and versatile, operating on a wide range of speed & feed ratios. This type is perfect for manufacturers looking for a machine that works with different metals.

Centre Lathe

Centre lathe is a lathe type where the spindle speed is managed via a set of gears that are operated by using a lever.

Gap Bed Lathe

This type of lathe machine contains a removable bed section to accommodate the larger diameter of a workpiece, hence the name gap bed lathe. Generally, the part next to the headstock is removable.

Speed Lathes

A simpler version of a lathe machine, the speed lathe only has a headstock, tailstock, and tool turret. This type is generally used for light machine work as it can only operate in three or four speeds.

Bench Lathe

Smaller in size, a bench lathe can be mounted on a workbench for conducted lighter jobs.

Tool Room Lathes

This type is known for providing the best finishing. Tool-room lathe is highly versatile, working in a number of speeds and feeds.

Turret Lathes

A turret lathe is ideal for quick and sequential workings. With the tool holder in the vicinity, performing multiple operations on a single workpiece becomes several folds easier.

Special Purpose Lathes

These special purpose lathes are used to perform a heavy-duty production of identical parts. Some of the popular special purpose lathes include automatic lathes, crankshaft lathes, bench-type jewelers' lathes, duplicating lathes, and multi-spindle lathes.

lathe machine

Monday, March 26, 2018

winning numbers

Are you in need of money? Perhaps you just want more money. Either way, you might be considering asking a lottery winner for money. If so, you would probably go about asking in different ways, depending on whether or not you actually know the person.

If You Know The Lottery Winner

Let me tell you a true story about two women. These two women were best friends for many years. For one reason or another, they drifted apart and didn't see each other for a few years. Then one of the women won the lottery. It was a massive jackpot worth hundreds of millions of dollars. A few years after she won the lottery, she re-connected with her old friend. Within days of re-connecting, the one woman told the jackpot winner that she had $50,000 worth of medical bills that she just couldn't pay. Read between the lines - She was indirectly asking for money.

The jackpot winner was more than happy to pay the medical bills for her friend. She told her to just give her the bills and she would take care of it. That would have been great, except that there actually were no medical bills. It was just an excuse for a reason to ask for money. The lottery winner didn't like that. If the friend just straight out asked for the money, she probably would have given it to her. But her friend lied and insulted her intelligence.

What's the moral of this story? If you have a friend that won the lottery, don't come up with a false story to try to get some money. Rather, just ask you friend straight out to give you some. They just might do it.

If You Don't Know The Lottery Winner

If you're planning to ask a lottery winner that you've never met for money, you should know up front that the odds are against you. A lot of lottery winners, especially new ones that win massive jackpots get inundated with requests for money. Often, those requests come via sob stories that tug on the person's emotions. You should know that these new lottery winners quickly become immune to these requests and tune them out.

winning numbers

Friday, February 23, 2018

games to play on paper

There are many good RPG games in the pen and paper genre. Pen and paper roleplaying games have been around for three decades. In that time, many of the older RPGs have adapted and evolved while other newer RPGs have been developed. Here is a list of several good RPG games that are pen and paper tabletop roleplaying games.

Dungeons & Dragons - Currently on its fourth edition, Dungeons & Dragons is the most widely recognizable pen and paper roleplaying game ever. It was one of the first RPGs ever developed and today remains the most popular around the world, outselling all other games in its category.

Shadowrun - A fusion of cyberpunk, near-future, and fantasy, Shadowrun blends each of these elements into a fantastic roleplaying game. Like D&D, it is currently on its fourth edition. There have been many other games created for this setting, including video games, PC games, and a first-person shooter. There are even rumors of a Shadowrun movie eventually coming out.

Star Wars - Perhaps the most popular space opera roleplaying game, Star Wars is a setting created by George Lucas in the late 70's and early 80's. The Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying game was created by Wizards of the Coast as the latest creation of Star Wars RPGs. Prior to this, Star Wars saw great popularity under the West End Games logo with the D6 system.

World of Darkness - White Wolf created several games and blended them into a system they called the World of Darkness. These games include, but are not limited to, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changling, Wraith, and many more. White Wolf and its World of Darkness games are currently the number two in sales around the world, just behind Dungeons & Dragons.

Call of Cthulhu - An extremely popular roleplaying game based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft. There are many different publishers and game systems that have created games for the Call of Cthulhu setting. Most often the players take the role of people or investigators that are involved with strange occurrences and the occult. They uncover aliens, monsters, and demons that are popular in the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Rifts - A kitchen-sink game Palladium Books, Rifts has it all. The game takes place on an altered version of Earth where different factions have taken over. It includes cyborgs, aliens, magical creatures, psychics, magical spell casters, and many more unusual creatures. There are also rifts that make travel to and from other dimensions possible, making the possibilities for the game endless.

These are just a few good RPG games that are available out there. There are a host of many more great pen and paper roleplaying games available. Roleplaying games are continuing to adapt and evolve with technology and this great hobby continues to innovate and grow.

games to play on paper

Sunday, November 5, 2017

cheapest print

Whether you are a large business or a small business, every owner wants to take advantage of the opportunity to provide a positive image of your company and its products and services. One of the easiest methods of enhancing your image is through creative advertising. The advertising that you use does not have to be bells and whistles or billboards and posters. One the most best and most effective ways to build you company image is with cheap business care printing with a professional logo design.

As an owner, you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective business cards can be to get your name on the street and in the market place. The other pleasant surprise is how inexpensive the cost is to create custom business cards, brochures, and post cards. The magic of your company logo can do wonders in calling attention to your business. These advertising dollars are well worth the money. It provides a great way to introduce and maintain relationships in the marketplace.

When choosing a provider to produce your cheap business card printing there are several things that you will want to consider. Make sure you have a professional logo that people will take notice and will aid in people remembering your company with its products and services. Many providers can help you in the design of your logo and cards and printings.

Next, you will want to consider the advantages of printing in color as opposed to just black and white. While the cost of printing in color may be more then black and white the impact of color it worth the extra cost. Color is going to add drama and emotion to your advertising efforts. People are attracted to color and it certainly has more attention gaining draw then just black and white. Your provider will be able to give you the details of the cost and the impact of color for your a cheap business card printing campaign.

Think of our cheap business card printing as an advertising campaign. Plan carefully what you want to do and how long you want to distribute your cards on an "extra added" effort basis. Try to set some benchmarks for your campaign and evaluate your efforts. See for yourself if it makes a difference in getting your name out in the market place. Compare and contrast your efforts overtime. This will provide feedback to really see if your advertising dollars are paying dividends.

Talk with a provider who has experience in doing business with a cheap business card printing campaign. They can provide details of what works and what to avoid. They will have insights that will help you to make wise decisions for your advertising campaign with business cards, brochures, and post cards.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Gamio Malaga 70

Investing in a property is a big decision. To ensure that you have made the right choice, you will need all the help you can get. This is where real estate agents come in. They help you find your dream home with the assurance that this significant investment of yours is something that you can really call a tangible asset.

Why you should enlist the aid of a realtor? Here are compelling reasons to do so:

Greater Property Options

You can get access to a lot of properties for sale in the market. If you run through newspaper or Web ads, you might see a few potential properties. This makes investing take longer than expected. But with the help of a realtor, you will have greater options. From price point to features and location, you can discover properties that meet your needs. It is a more efficient approach to finding the right property.

Customize Listings

Realtors will spare you from spending much time on searching. They have access to properties that matches your requirements. This means you have better chances of finding the very home of your dreams. Whether you need a starter home or a two-storey house, a home in an upcoming neighborhood, a home in the suburb, a home near parks and schools, etc., their customize listings is complete. All you need to do is talk to them about your preferences and choose among the homes for sale in their listings.

Property Market And Their Knowledge

In your decision making process, the knowledge of realtors is very crucial. Just because a property is within your budget doesn't mean that you should already grab it. Reasonably priced spacious properties are tempting to buy but there are other deciding factors to consider aside from price.

Realtors can answer you about what makes a property a good purchase. They know the property market well and are experienced in dealing with property buying and selling. They would let you know if the home is a seemingly underpriced because it needs some hidden repairs that could put you in the hole. They can guide you to make a thorough assessment of the property you have in mind before finally making the deal.

Owning a property gives you some security of having a place to live in permanently. This move however requires some careful planning on your part. It is hardly accomplished without professional help. To make sure that the home you're buying really is a good investment, think about hiring a realtor.

Gamio Malaga 70

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Brazilian Hair stores

ou have seen a photo of Beyonce, Paris Hilton or Cheryle Cole and you want that look! How do you know what to look for or ask for?

There are over 120 different hair extension shades, different lengths, different density, European straight, straight, silky straight, yaki, jerry curls, deep waves and so the list goes on.

How do you know the difference between Indian and Chinese hair, Russian hair or brands such as Cinderella, Great lengths or Afro?

There are claims of real remy hair, which is often spelt in different ways, virgin hair, and hair just like human and super synthetic hair!

Hair you can clip in, braid in, stitch in, glue in, attach, hook or just simply put on like a cap!

Then you have ponytails, front lace wigs, full lace wigs and wigs. Women's toupee, men's toupee and special hair pieces to disguise bald patches.

Unless you have used a supplier before, or you have had, your hair extensions fitted professionally or by a friend. It is certainly challenging when you venture out into the world of online hair extension shopping with very little experience.

So what should be the guidelines? Moreover, are there any regulations out there to protect you?

Well the answer to that is NO! The supplier might not be protected from the manufacturer in terms of quality, content and descriptions, and the end user could suffer the same fate apart for the normal acts that protect consumers.

So how do you minimise the risk of wasting lots of money when shopping online for hair? The first place to start from is know what you want to achieve. If you want to achieve short term length and volume, a style that can be added or taken off any time, then you could look for temporary systems such as pony tails, clip-on's or wigs.

If you are looking for semi permanent fitting that do not use glues or you are visiting a hot country on holiday then perhaps you should consider wefted hair, which is often applied in as a full head weave or integrated.

If you are looking for a solution that will cover up temporary hair loss or thinning hair this could be approached in a variety of ways. I would suggest you go to an expert for advice because just purchasing hair from the internet and applying it to sensitive areas could do more damage than good.

If you want a high fashion look, smooth, flat and free flowing then specialist applications using wefts or bulk hair would be an option. Other tools such as hot or cold bonds, micro rings or hair loop systems would be used to attach the hair.

Colour matching could also be an issue. Viewing colour charts on the internet only gives a sample view that can often be distorted from loading the image up. If your hair has been coloured then the colour matching might be a little more complicated and a technician would need to assist in the colour match procedure, which might involve more than two shades.

When you visit YouTube, there are many candidates who have opted to upload videos on how to do it yourself. This can be very appealing if finances are an issue. However, because hair extensions have become so popular, this has help to drive down the application prices so it is worth shopping around for a hair extension technician that is qualified and can show you some of their work.

Brazilian Hair stores