Friday, February 23, 2018

games to play on paper

There are many good RPG games in the pen and paper genre. Pen and paper roleplaying games have been around for three decades. In that time, many of the older RPGs have adapted and evolved while other newer RPGs have been developed. Here is a list of several good RPG games that are pen and paper tabletop roleplaying games.

Dungeons & Dragons - Currently on its fourth edition, Dungeons & Dragons is the most widely recognizable pen and paper roleplaying game ever. It was one of the first RPGs ever developed and today remains the most popular around the world, outselling all other games in its category.

Shadowrun - A fusion of cyberpunk, near-future, and fantasy, Shadowrun blends each of these elements into a fantastic roleplaying game. Like D&D, it is currently on its fourth edition. There have been many other games created for this setting, including video games, PC games, and a first-person shooter. There are even rumors of a Shadowrun movie eventually coming out.

Star Wars - Perhaps the most popular space opera roleplaying game, Star Wars is a setting created by George Lucas in the late 70's and early 80's. The Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying game was created by Wizards of the Coast as the latest creation of Star Wars RPGs. Prior to this, Star Wars saw great popularity under the West End Games logo with the D6 system.

World of Darkness - White Wolf created several games and blended them into a system they called the World of Darkness. These games include, but are not limited to, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changling, Wraith, and many more. White Wolf and its World of Darkness games are currently the number two in sales around the world, just behind Dungeons & Dragons.

Call of Cthulhu - An extremely popular roleplaying game based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft. There are many different publishers and game systems that have created games for the Call of Cthulhu setting. Most often the players take the role of people or investigators that are involved with strange occurrences and the occult. They uncover aliens, monsters, and demons that are popular in the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Rifts - A kitchen-sink game Palladium Books, Rifts has it all. The game takes place on an altered version of Earth where different factions have taken over. It includes cyborgs, aliens, magical creatures, psychics, magical spell casters, and many more unusual creatures. There are also rifts that make travel to and from other dimensions possible, making the possibilities for the game endless.

These are just a few good RPG games that are available out there. There are a host of many more great pen and paper roleplaying games available. Roleplaying games are continuing to adapt and evolve with technology and this great hobby continues to innovate and grow.

games to play on paper

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