Thursday, September 21, 2017

Brazilian Hair stores

ou have seen a photo of Beyonce, Paris Hilton or Cheryle Cole and you want that look! How do you know what to look for or ask for?

There are over 120 different hair extension shades, different lengths, different density, European straight, straight, silky straight, yaki, jerry curls, deep waves and so the list goes on.

How do you know the difference between Indian and Chinese hair, Russian hair or brands such as Cinderella, Great lengths or Afro?

There are claims of real remy hair, which is often spelt in different ways, virgin hair, and hair just like human and super synthetic hair!

Hair you can clip in, braid in, stitch in, glue in, attach, hook or just simply put on like a cap!

Then you have ponytails, front lace wigs, full lace wigs and wigs. Women's toupee, men's toupee and special hair pieces to disguise bald patches.

Unless you have used a supplier before, or you have had, your hair extensions fitted professionally or by a friend. It is certainly challenging when you venture out into the world of online hair extension shopping with very little experience.

So what should be the guidelines? Moreover, are there any regulations out there to protect you?

Well the answer to that is NO! The supplier might not be protected from the manufacturer in terms of quality, content and descriptions, and the end user could suffer the same fate apart for the normal acts that protect consumers.

So how do you minimise the risk of wasting lots of money when shopping online for hair? The first place to start from is know what you want to achieve. If you want to achieve short term length and volume, a style that can be added or taken off any time, then you could look for temporary systems such as pony tails, clip-on's or wigs.

If you are looking for semi permanent fitting that do not use glues or you are visiting a hot country on holiday then perhaps you should consider wefted hair, which is often applied in as a full head weave or integrated.

If you are looking for a solution that will cover up temporary hair loss or thinning hair this could be approached in a variety of ways. I would suggest you go to an expert for advice because just purchasing hair from the internet and applying it to sensitive areas could do more damage than good.

If you want a high fashion look, smooth, flat and free flowing then specialist applications using wefts or bulk hair would be an option. Other tools such as hot or cold bonds, micro rings or hair loop systems would be used to attach the hair.

Colour matching could also be an issue. Viewing colour charts on the internet only gives a sample view that can often be distorted from loading the image up. If your hair has been coloured then the colour matching might be a little more complicated and a technician would need to assist in the colour match procedure, which might involve more than two shades.

When you visit YouTube, there are many candidates who have opted to upload videos on how to do it yourself. This can be very appealing if finances are an issue. However, because hair extensions have become so popular, this has help to drive down the application prices so it is worth shopping around for a hair extension technician that is qualified and can show you some of their work.

Brazilian Hair stores

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